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Training courses under India Africa Forum Summit (IAFS-III)

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Training courses conducted in India’s premier training institutes for South African nationals fully sponsored (including air passage to-and-return from India) by the Government of India are now open for South African nationals under the India Africa Forum Summit (IAFS-III).

The list of courses available under IAFS-III, eligibility criteria, date of commencement and duration of the courses are in the table below.  To apply, please fill-in the application form and send the application, complete in all respects to:  The Second Secretary (Education), High Commission of India, 852 Francis Baard Street, Arcadia 0083, Pretoria, South Africa or High Commission of India, P.O. Box 40216, Arcadia 0007, Pretoria, South Africa.

Candidates, who can apply, are employees/officials in Government, Semi-Government, Public Sector, Universities/ Schools, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Private Sector and also members/employees of NGOs and NPOs (for specific courses).

For any clarifications on the training courses, please write to:  polinf@hicomind.co.za with a copy marked to: cons@hicomind.co.za and icc@hicomind.co.za

Training Programme under Third India-Africa Forum Summit
(IAFS-III) for the year 2017-18

Sl No.

Name of Training Programme

Date of training

Required qualifications


Wind Energy Training Programme

22.11.2017 to 15.12.2017

Degree/diploma in Science/Engineering disciplines and are involved with projects in wind energy, academic & R&D institutions, power industry, project developers, consultants, manufacturers, etc.


Solar Energy Training Program

5.2.2018 to 23.2.2018.

Knowledge of English language and should possess post graduate degree in science (Physics) or graduate degree in engineering / technology (electrical / electronics or mechanical).


Road Transport Training Program

(2) 27.11.2017 to 22.12.2017

(3) 08.01.2018 to 02.02.2018

(4) 12.02.2018 to 09.03.2018

Degree/Diploma in Civil Engineering, 5 years of work experience, middle to senior level highway engineer from Road Development Authority/Ministry



IT Training by C-DAC


19.3.2018 to 11.5.2018

Knowledge of English language and should posses at least a graduate degree.



Plant Tissue Culture Training

(2) 20.11.2017 to 16.12. 2017


(3) 15.1.2018 to 10.2.2018


(4) 19.2.2018 to 24.2.2018

(2) Matriculation, fresh graduates/post graduates.

(3)  Fresh graduates/post graduates committed to plant tissue culture unit.

(4) Progressive growers of banana/cassava/sweet potato/potato/sugarcane.


Water Resource Management Training

07.01.2018 to 27.01 2018 (15 days)

Diploma in Civil/Mechanical/Agricultural Engineering/Hydrology or its equivalent


Alternate Hydro Energy Training program


(2) 05.2.18 to 17.2.18

With engineering / scientific/financial background involved in Small Hydro Power Development & Rural Electrification. From government deptt., academic institutions, private developers, manufacturers and NGO.

2 years professional experience


Food Processing Training Program

(2) 12.11.2017 to 25.11.2017


(3) 21.01.2018 to 03.2.2018

(2) Minimum under graduation in any stream.

(3) Post graduation in food science / food technology.


Traditional medicine regulators/practitioners with 40 African participants for one week each by Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) at Pharmacopoeial Laboratory for Indian Medicine (PLIM) at Ghaziabad (UP).


i) 08.02.2018 to 14.02.2018

ii) 22.03.2018 to 28.03.2018



The traning program is specially designed for the experts dealing with regulation in the field of TM & associated with pharmaceutical companies and therefore will be off great  use from the expert of following catagories .

1.    Heads /Represtatives of the Traditional Medicine Regulatory Agencies,or/and

2.    Partners of traditional/alternative medicines NGOs/organization,or/and

3.    Pharmaceutical companies involved inresearch & devlopment of  TM, or/and

4.    Well known Traditional Medicine Practitioners.



Marine Science Training

(a)      Port Management

(b)     Marine Engineering

(c)      Nautical Science

(d)     Ocean Engineering

Revised dates of training

08.01.2018 to 16.02.2018

26.02.2018 to 06.04.2018

16.04.2018 to 25.05.2018

04.06.2018 to 13.07.2018

(a) Any Under Graduation-Mariners holding the qualification obtained after a minimum duration of study-cum-training of 6 years after 10-2 leading to Master Foreign going certificate of competency.


(b) & (c)  Any Under Graduation/Diploma

-Minimum 1 year work experience in Maritime Field/Post sector.


(d) Under Graduation in Engineering - Minimum 1 year work experience in Maritime Field/Post sector.


4 weeks mid-career specialised medical training in various disciplines by Fortis Hospitals in India.

i) 1st batch: 10.01.2018 to 10.02.2018

ii) 2nd batch: 10.03.2018 to 10.04.2018

iii) 3rd batch: 10.05.2018 to 10.06.2018

iv) 4th batch: 10.07.2018 to 10.08.2018

The participants are required to (i) be qualified doctors with English language proficiency (ii) have completed post-graduation medical programme (iii) have three years experience (iv) have license to practice in their respective country.


4 weeks mid career specialised training to 66 paramedics in various disciplines at Artemis Hospitals hospitals in Gurgaon, Haryana

15.02.2018 to 15.03.2018.


Participants are required to be a qualified medical professionals with English language proficiency.


Simulator based thermal power plant skill development programmeat Tamnar, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India for 25 African participants.

Re-scheduled from

16.01.2018 to 08.02.2018.


Engineering degree in Mechanical or Electrical or Control & Instrumentation. Participants are required to have good knowledge of English language.


15 Short term Agriculture Training

Re-scheduled between 01.02.2018 to 31.03.2018



Recent Advances in Vegetable Production by ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangaluru.


(i) 15 participants


(ii) 10 days


(iii) 15.02.2018 to 25.02.2018



Seed production Technique in Vegetables by ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangaluru.


(i) 15 participants


(ii) 11 days


(iii) 28.02.2018 to 10.03.2018

Graduates / Post Graduates in Agricultural Sciences


Hitech Floriculture By ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangaluru.