About Us Death Case Related Procedure


There is no need to take an appointment. Applicants can visit the High Commission/Consulate on any working day.

Following have to be submitted to obtain death certificate from the High Commission/Consulate:

  •  Certificates from the Hospital/Doctor who conducted post mortem examination on the body of the deceased stating (i) the cause of death; (ii) that body did not suffer from any contagious or infectious disease; (iii) that they have no objection to the body being carried to India. Certificate has to be on the letterhead of the hospital duly signed/ sealed.

  •  Certificate of embalming stating that the body of the deceased has been embalmed and is in a fit and sanitary state to be transported to India;

  •  Notice of death from the South African Home Department;

  •  Abridged death certificate from the South African Home Department;

  •  Permission from the Health Department of the Province regarding exportation of the human remains of the deceased;

  •  Burial Order from South African Home Department;

  •  Flight details and details of Next of Kin, telephone number, email id, etc. who will receive the body of the deceased;

  •  Original Indian passport of the deceased (for cancellation by the High Commission/Consulate);

  •  A letter will be issued by the High Commission/Consulate in favour of Chief Immigration Officer, International Airport, India, for providing all necessary assistance for release of mortal remains to the next of kin. Copy of the same will be sent to the Assistant Collector of Customs, International Airport concerned in India.

  •  Complete contact details of the employer, relatives, friends, etc. of the deceased in South Africa for making any reference by the High Commission/Consulate, if required

  •  High Commission/Consulate will issue a certificate of entry of the death of Indian national.

Fee:The service is gratis.

How to Apply:

Download Miscellaneous Services Form and fill the form and submit along with the documents listed above. Original passport of the deceased person is required which will be stamped ‘Deceased/ Cancelled’ and returned alongwith death certificate and assistance letter.

Note: Please carry originals of all the supporting documents to be presented to the Consular Officer (photocopies of which are to be attached with the application).

Processing Time: Service is delivered instantly.