About Us Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q 1. I am not a resident of South Africa, but am only visiting the country. Can I apply for a visa while I am in South Africa or can I only apply in my home country?
Ans: Yes, you can apply in South Africa. However, you have to fill out an additional visa form and also pay a reference fee of R120/ in addition to the visa fee as applicable to nationals of your country. Such visas take longer to process-- normally at least 5 working days are required to process the visa.

Visa applications from persons of Bangladeshi, Chinese, Pakistani and Sri Lankan origin may take longer to process. Pakistani nationals have to file a different visa application form, which can be downloaded from the website.

Q 2. How do I track my visa application?
Ans: Visa applications cannot be tracked on line. However, the visa is usually ready by the date mentioned on the receipt issued by the Consulate. The visa can be thus collected on that date or any day thereafter during 3-4.30 PM.

Q.3. Can I get information about the status of my visa over the phone?
Telephone calls to the High Commission or Consulate by applicants to check status of their applications are not encouraged. If the consular officer needs any additional information, you will be contacted on the number indicated on the application.

Q.4. What do I do if I need an emergency visa?
In cases of medical or humanitarian emergencies, or in other exceptional cases, visas can be issued on an emergency basis. Kindly contact the emergency numbers listed against the High Commission/Consulate. Please do not use these numbers for queries of routine nature--kindly send an email through the website and it will be attended to promptly.

Q.5. What documents and forms are required for a visa? Where can I find the forms?
All requirements are given in detail in the visa section on this website. Forms can also be downloaded from the website or obtained directly at the High Commission or Consulate.