About Us Requirement for different visa categories

Applicants from South Africa and Lesotho applying for Tourist visa, medical visa, business visa, conference visa, medical attendant visa or emergency X Misc visa can apply for e-visa at

Intern Visa

Intern Visa is only granted to an applicant who is an intern under French VIE programme, intern with business houe, including those sponsored by AIESEC, intern with NGO’s and Educational Institutions including those sponsored by AIESEC and for intern with Foreign Media Organizations in India.

 Film Visa

 Film Visa is only granted to an applicant who is coming for shooting of a feature film / reality TV show and / or commercial TV serials.

Tourist visa
i) Visa application forms filled in black ink or typed. The forms are Available with the Consulate or can be downloaded from the website.
ii) A copy of the Lesotho identity card
iii) Two passport sized coloured photographs.
iv) A copy of a confirmed return air ticket to India and back.
v) Proof of accommodation in India.

Note : Tourist visas are issued for multiple entries, but there is a mandatory two month gap between the date of departure from India and the next entry into India. In case the applicant is required to re-enter India within a two-month period, the full facts of the request alongwith itinerary and copies of air ticket may be provided for the Consulate to consider issuing such clearance. Latest travel regulations can be accessed at https://boi.gov.in/

Business visa
i) Visa application forms and two passport size colour photos.
ii) Copy of Invitation letter/Sponsorship from India.
iii) Copy of Letter from the applicant’s Company.
iv) Copy of a confirmed return air ticket to India and back.
v) Copy of the Lesotho Identity card.
vi) Proof of accommodation in India

(Note : Business visas may be issued for multiple entries and for longer periods for bonafide businesspersons. Kindly indicate the duration and number of entries required in the relevant section of the application. Applicants are required not to engage in money lending and petty trading).

Employment visa
i) Visa application forms
ii) Four passport sized colour photographs
iii) Copy of contract of employment between employee and employer.
iv) A copy of return air ticket.
v) Copy of Lesotho identity card
vi) Proof of residence both in India as well as in Lesotho

Note: The duration of the employment visa would be for a period of one year which can be extended as required in India after the initial one year. The visa holder should report to the Foreigner’s Registration Office (FRRO) on arrival in India to complete registration formalities. The family of the applicant would be given an entry visa for a period of one year. They should also report to the FRRO.

Student/Research visa.
i) Visa application form.
ii) Four passport sized colour photographs.
iii) Proof of admission from a recognized Indian University.
iv) Satisfactory evidence of financial support and a bank guarantee from the parent/guardian.
v) The student should get all his documents attested and verified from Department of Education and Department of International Relations and Cooperation, L.
vi) The student admitted to professional courses like medicine / paramedical courses should also furnish a proof of admission.
vii) A student applying for theological studies/ Islamic Studies would be granted visa only after clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), New Delhi.
viii) Proof of residence both in India as well as in Lesotho.
viii) Copy of LESOTHO ID Card