About Us FAQ's

Q.1 How long at takes to renew a passport or get an additional booklet?
Ans: The passport booklets are now printed in India. Therefore it normally takes one month to render this service.

Q2. Is Indian driving license valid in South Africa. Can this be converted into South African license?
Ans: The Indian driving license is normally valid in this country, on the basis of a certificate of validity issued by the Consulate. For obtaining this certificate, fill in the form titled "Driving License Application Form", along with a copy of your passport and the copy of the original driving license. The certificate is normally issued after one week of filing of the application.

Q.3 I need a police clearance certificate which is required for submission to South African Home Department in connection with my work permit/resident permit.
Ans: Apply on the passport application form available on the website. It normally takes 10 days to issue the document.

Q.4 How do I track the status of my passport application?
Ans: Passports cannot be tracked on line. However, the passport is normally ready by the date mentioned on the receipt issued by the Consulate. The passport can be thus collected on that date or any day thereafter. Telephone calls to the High Commission or Consulate by applicants to check status of their applications are not encouraged. If the consular officer needs any additional information, you will be contacted on the number indicated on the application.

OCI/PIO cards
NOTE: OCI/PIO Card does not entitle the card holder to undertake any missionary work, mountaineering and research work without prior permission of the Government of India. Any card holder seeking to undertake such activity in India should make a proper application to the Consular Officer.

Q (1) What is the longest duration a PIO/OCI card holder can stay in India.
Ans. OCI card holder is exempted from reporting to police authorities from any length of stay in India. However PIO card holder is required to register with local police authorities for stay exceeding 180 days in India on single visit.

Q2. What is the validity period of the two cards?
Ans: The PIO card is valid for 15 years while the OCI card remains valid for the whole life of the card holder.

Q 3. What is the difference between OCI/PIO cards?
Ans. Except for the period of their validity, both the cards bestow similar benefits to the card holder.PIO costs less than OCI.

Q.4. What type of documents would be necessary to obtain OCI/PIO card?
Ans. Any document that establishes that the applicant or his/her parents or grand-parents were born in India would be required. Documents such as the birth certificate, school or college leaving certificate, property document or the ship document, on which he/she traveled to South Africa, would be acceptable documents.