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FICCI LEADS 2020 from 12-15 October 2020

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FICCI LEADS 2020: 12 -15 October 2020

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) is organizing the “LEADS 2020: Reimagine the world” virtual conference scheduled on 12-15 October 2020.

The motivation for the programme arises from the fact that in an interdependent world, effective leadership and genuine commitment is imperative to encourage constructive policy debates, evolve a collaborative approach for achieving the vision of an abundant, ecologically balanced and prosperous world for our future generations.

The idea of LEADS:

L – Leadership for global prosperity in the backdrop of disruption;

E – Excellence in everything we do;

A – Adaptability to these VUCA times;

D – Diversity for inclusive growth fabric;

S – Sustainability as a given for economic growth.

Concept of LEADS The transformation of businesses in this VUCA world, in the backdrop of incessant disruption is a leadership challenge and opportunity in coming decade. Organizations are looking beyond comparative advantage, finance or marketing prowess to progress and prosper. Running a business is as much a ‘technology’ as it is an ‘art’ considering leadership challenges in an environment where change is the only constant. The challenge will be to find convergence between seemingly divergent philosophies of self-reliance and globalization. Between backward integration and integration with global value chains. Between relationship oriented conventional retail and rise of e-commerce backed by cloud computing, predictive analytics, blockchains and other technology innovations. Between independence and interdependence.

With social and economic disruptions becoming more frequent, the vulnerability and fragility of business value chains got exposed, giving an opportunity to review, revive and reinvent. The Governments and industry around the world have realized that flexibility, adaptability and diversity (f.a.d.) in decision making will be the key to building a resilient and smart economic framework.

In this backdrop FICCI envisages that a platform needs to be created to reimagine business. Titled FICCI LEADS (Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, Diversity, Sustainability) the program is envisaged as the Annual International Flagship program of FICCI. LEADS 2020 is a 4-day global thought leadership initiative from October 12-15, 2020 (Mon-Thurs). It is curated as an engagement platform for insights into five fundamental questions that underlie the quest for global economic prosperity with sustainability, inclusivity and social well-being. LEADS 2020 will be a confluence of global leaders, influencers and opinion shapers across the spectrum of world economy. The virtual event this year will be hosted and managed on a FICCI exclusive platform, specially designed, developed and created with all privacy and data security features. It will facilitate round clock engagement taking into account time zone differences with East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, ASEAN & Oceania, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Americas and the Pacific. Registration for participation can be done through the website: www.ficcileads.in.