Gandhi Square, named for the Indian leader and human rights activist Mahatma Gandhi, is located in Johannesburg’s Central Business District (CBD) and functions as the main central bus terminus for the city’s Metrobus network.

In the late 1990s property developer Gerald Olitzki was granted permission to revamp the bus terminus as part of Johannesburg’s inner city renewal project and in 2002 reconstruction of the square was finished and an unique 2.5metre statue of a young Mahatma Gandhi dressed in the robes of a legal attorney, sculptured by Ms. Tinka Christopher was placed at its centre in 2003.

While Gandhi was living in Johannesburg he was working as a lawyer and the site of the present square was also the location for city’s first court building, where the young Gandhi often made an appearance.
Today, this unique statue of Gandhi is the main focal point of busy Gandhi Square. Its historical heritage coupled with the urban renewal within the area has resulted in this location being one of the top tourist attractions amongst popular places to visit in Johannesburg by locals and international tourists alike.