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Registration as Oversees Electors

Registration as Oversees Electors 

Under Section 20A of the Representation of the People Act, 1950, an Indian citizen whose (a) name is not included in the electoral roll; (b) who has not acquired citizenship of any foreign country and more than 18 years of age; and (c) who is absenting from his place of ordinary residence in India owing to his employment, education or otherwise outside India, is entitled to be enrolled as “Oversees electors” in the electoral roll as of the constituency of his/her native place as per address given in their valid Indian Passport.

Guidelines and details for enrolment under this section can be seen at

After getting enrolled, the overseas electors can cast their vote in India during Assembly or Parliamentary elections at their respective polling stations after showing the valid Indian passport.

All Indians eligible under Section 20A of the Representation of People Act and holding valid Indian Passport are therefore requested to register themselves as Oversees Electors.