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Hiring of round the clock guarding services

Posted on: May 29, 2017 | Back | Print

The High Commission of India

Pretoria, South Africa


Dated 22th May, 2017 

Subject:- Proposal for inviting bids for hiring round the clock guarding  services at three properties in Pretoria for the period 01/08/2017 to 31/07/2018.


The purpose of the bid is to invite sealed tenders in two bids (Technical Bids & Financial Bids) to submit the proposal with regard to guarding at three premises owned by the High Commission of India, in Pretoria round the clock (24*7/365).

Eligibility (Pre Qualification)

The invitation of tender is open at all eligible companies, who have experience in providing security personnel for guarding services and other related services in the field of security in South Africa and have successfully completed similar type of work in Embassy/High Commission etc.

Note: The tender issuing authority reserves the right to ask for any additional documents from the bidders to substantiate issues related to financial health of the company, local police clearance/ verification, partnership agreements, etc, in order to establish holistic credentials of the bidding company.

Tendering Process

Tender is invited in two parts i.e. (i) Technical Bid  and (ii) Financial Bid. Technical & Financial Bid are to be submitted together but in separate sealed envelopes. In the first stage, only the envelope, containing the Technical Bid will be opened on the fixed date and time.

The Technical Bid will be examined and evaluated by the tender issuing authority. Bidding companies which do not qualify in the technical evaluation will not be considered for qualification to the Financial Bid stage.

Financial bids

Bidding companies, which have qualified in the Technical Bid stage, will be informed by email to be present on the date and time fixed by the tender issuing authority and the financial bids will be opened in their presence. The selected company will be announced after following due process and with the approval of competent authority.

The quotations/bids in sealed envelope addressed to ‘Head of Chancery, High Commission of India, Pretoria’, be delivered by hand at the Reception of High Commission of India or could be sent at P.O. Box 40216, Arcadia 0007, Pretoria latest by 12th June, 2017.

Schedule of opening of bids is as follows:-

Opening of Technical Bids- 1200 hrs on 14th June, 2017

Scope of Work

Details of the scope of work will be obtained from the High Commission of India and queries regarding the site could be clarified from Head of Chancery, High Commission of India, Pretoria( 852, Francis Baard Street, Arcadia, Pretoria). Ph.0123423748.