Tenders- 2017
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Inviting bids for upgrading the CCTV system in Chancery in Pretoria
Bids for Renovation of India House
Bids for Evaluation of Structural Assessment of a Property
Bids for providing Alarm and Armed response and monitoring services at 15 properties in Pretoria.
Bids for maintenance of gardens
Tenders for System Integrator for AMI Solution in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh states of India
Tender for Procurement of 10,000 Electric Cars
Tenders for ACDC Electric Charging Equipment
Replacement of Floor Carpet and Upholstery of Furniture
Tender for Scientific Equipment
Bids for installation of floor tiles at Embassy Residence
Bids for installation of floor tiles and bathroom fittings at Embassy Residence
Tender for Painting Work for Embassy Residence
Bids for replacement of Gutters
Bids for Painting Work
Hiring of round the clock guarding services
Sale of High Commissionís Vehicle (Toyota Fortuner)
Global Procurement Notification of Scientific Equipment
E-Tender for Establishment of National Coastal Vessel Traffic Service (NCVTS)
Tender for Sewerage works under AMRUT (ICB)
Tender for Nano Particle Tracking Analyzer
Tender for Real Time PCR Machine
Tender for Dye sensitized solar cell fabrication system
Tender for Nano indentation system
Tender for HR TEM with EDS, EELS and other accessories under buyback of existing unit.
Tender for Redox flow battery tester and cell fixture with integrated impedance analyzer
Development of Startup area of Amaravati, Greenfield capital of Andra Pradesh, India
Bids for Borehole at three owned properties of High Commission of India