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Celebration of Republic Day

Posted on: January 29, 2016 | Back | Print

Brief on Celebration of 67th Republic Day Of India in Lesotho

The 67th Republic Day of India was celebrated with great pomp and show on 26 January at the residence of Mr Manmohan Bakaya, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of India to the Kingdom of Lesotho in Lower Thetsane. A large number of dignitaries of the His Majesty’s Government, Diplomats and eminent personalities of Lesotho graced the occasion. Honorable Tlohang Sekhamane, the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Relations was the Chief Guest. 

The occasion was marked by speeches made by the Honorary Consul of India, Mr. Manmohan Bakaya and Honorable Tlohang Sekhamane,the Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations. 

The national flag of India was unfurled in the presence of a large Indian Community & the dignitaries followed by the National Anthems of India and Lesotho respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bakayasaid that “Constitution of our great nation was formally adopted by the Parliament on January 26, 1950 and this day India embraced a framework of democracy; freedom of faith; gender equality; social and economic development of the less fortunate sections of her society”.

Mr. Bakaya recounted the challenges faced by India as also the areas where by sheer hardwork& determination, India has grown substantially in the last few decades to emerge as a prominent player across the globe. 

Mr. Bakaya expressed his gratitude to the Government of Lesotho in particular to Rt Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Pakalitha B. Mosisili for leading a high power delegation to Third India- Africa Forum Summit held in New Delhi in October 2015and was confident that the outcome of the summit together with those of the bilateral meeting between the two Prime Ministers will be fully implemented. 

Mr. Bakaya on people to people relationship stated that all Indians feel extremely welcome & comfortable in Lesotho thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the Basotho people. He also commended the Indian Association of Lesotho (IAL) for the works that they are undertaking which goes a long way in fostering good relationship between people of two countries.

The Honorary Consul said that ‘India-Lesotho relations are based on cooperative engagement and mutual trust.India–Lesotho share strong relationship and co-operation in defense, human resources development, economic engagement, science and technology’.