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High Commissioner Ruchira Kamboj pays a courtesy visit to Maniben Sita on 26 September, 2017

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The High Commissioner of India to South Africa, Ruchira Kamboj paid a courtesy visit to Maniben Sita on 26 September, 2017. Maniben is the daughter of Nana Sita, the veteran activist who was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and became a part of his Satyagraha struggle in South Africa, continuing the resistance long after Gandhi had returned to India. Maniben also played a great part in the struggle for freedom and went to prison several times in South Africa, fighting for the rights of the people. During her meeting with High Commissioner Maniben spoke about her father and the role that he had played in the freedom struggle of South Africa. She also communicated to the High Commissioner her father’s message to all Indian origin people in South Africa: “You should conduct yourselves with great dignity since your behaviour will reflect on the Indians living in South Africa”.
At the age of 91 Maniben leads a simple, uncomplicated and independent life. She loves to read, cooks for herself and does not believe in being a burden on others. On being asked whether the High Commission could do anything for her – her reply was that the Indian Government should provide the Mahatma’s autobiography to all the schools in South Africa, so that both Indians and South Africans always remembered the incredible legacy, which according to her should be kept alive in the land from where the Mahatma began his struggle, South Africa.
The High Commission seeks to progress this matter beginning with the Indian schools in South Africa.