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Advisory For PIO OCI Card Holders

Subject: Advisory For PIO/OCI Card Holders

All concerned are, hereby, informed that the vide MHA vide Circular No. 26011/06/2015-OCI dated 29.01.2015, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India has dispensed with the requirement of ‘U’ Visa OCI STICKER and made OCI Card in the form of Booklet a valid document for travel to India. Therefore, all concerned are requested to carry a valid OCI CARD in the form of Booklet issued to them.

2.         All PIO Card holders are, hereby, informed that vide MHA, vide Circular No. 26011/06/2015-OCI(Vol.III) dated 22.09.2017, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India has clarified that after 30.09.2018 the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will accept only Machine Readable Travel Documents. Hence, existing handwritten PIO Cards will, therefore, become invalid after 30.09.2018. All concerned are requested to obtain Machine Readable OCI Cards in lieu of existing hand-written PIO Cards before 30.09.2018 to avoid any inconvenience.